ChallengeHer Moms is a special forum for mothers of ChallengeHer participants to interact and learn from each other. A series of mothers' seminars are organized monthly for the duration of the program. These seminars take place while the daughters are attending their own ChallengeHer sessions. We encourage all moms to attend these talks to better support their daughters in their leadership journey. These seminars are also open to all women interested in the topics discussed.


  1. The Importance of Emotional Intelligence In Raising Children

    Read Article on Emotional Intelligence

  2. Project Fashion: A Conference on The Anthropology of Women and Practical Guidelines

  3. Prepare your Adolescents for Silicon Valley Spirituality: one mom's journey through the world's religions and belief systems

  4. Strengthening the Family: Communication Is Everything

  5. The Happiness Project Applied to Your Family

  6. What Place Does Technology Have In The Home? Best Practices

  7. Expanding Culture: Shakespeare with Adolescents...It's Never Too Early To Start

  8. Grand Finale Meeting: Personal Impact Projects by the ChallengeHer Teens


  1. The Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman

  2. “Who Am I? A Parent's Response"

  3. Reclaiming the Culture Part 1: Movies and Books

  4. Preparing for Christmas: Who is Jesus Christ?

  5. Reclaiming the Culture Part 2: Family Customs and Celebrations

  6. Introduction to Theology of the Body

  7. Preparing for Easter: The Relevance of the Resurrection in our Lives

  8. Presentation on Style and Beauty

  9. Mother-Daughter Tea. Personal Impact Project (PIP) Presentations